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Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Backflow Prevention Service and Install...

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Hot Water

One of many installations taking advantage of the Government rebate schemes. Water heated by solar, or heat pump, helps save our planet and saves you lots of money. Learn more about these on the hot water page...

Flood Prevention

An example of some larger scale specialised plumbing. We constructed a pump well with inlet weir and grating, with two large pumps on guide rails. In flooding situations the large influx of storm water could then be pumped outside the levee banks. See more on the portfolio gallery.......

STP and Distribution

Sewer from three homes and School amenities at an Outback School was run through 3 small Sewer Treatment Plants to this distribution well. What was once a dust bowl is now a green, grassed play oval of approx 30 x 50 metres.

Drain Repair

No relining this time. After CCTV inspection and diagnosis small sections of drains were replaced and sewer junctions with large diameter access risers were installed as a safer alternative to using access manholes.


An example of hydro-vac excavtion. This high pressure gas main was suspected to be leaking. After setting up traffic control and emergency procedures it was carefully located by potholing. Following this the entire tee section and pipes were exposed for an easy and safe repair.

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Special Valve Services

The Valves

The two specialised plumbing areas covered here are:

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Themostatic mixing valves, sometimes refered to by the acronym TMV, are used to control the temperature of hot water delivered, usually to sanitary outlets, at an exact temperature.

TMV's are most often used to prevent scalding and burns to users such as young children or the elderly.


Renopipe has many years experience installing and servicing thermostatic mixing valves. We provide a trustworthy, reliable, quality, installation and maintenance service, of TMV's.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Devices are used to protect, users of the potable Water Supply from the hazards caused by contamination of the water supply from outside. This can and does happen from siphonage of any outside substance back into the pipes through cross connections and periods of low pressure up stream of the outlets.

These devices protect firstly, the Local Water Authorities main, other onsite users and yourself.
Death can be and has been, the sad end result of non-compliance with the Law in this regard.


Renopipe has many years experience installing and servicing Backflow Prevention Devices.

We provide a trustworthy, reliable, quality, installation and maintenance service, of Backflow Prevention Devices.


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