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An example of hydro-vac excavtion. This high pressure gas main was suspected to be leaking. After setting up traffic control and emergency procedures it was carefully located by potholing. Following this the entire tee section and pipes were exposed for an easy and safe repair.

Flood Prevention

An example of some larger scale specialised plumbing. We constructed a pump well with inlet weir and grating, with two large pumps on guide rails. In flooding situations the large influx of storm water could then be pumped outside the levee banks. See more on the portfolio gallery.......

STP and Distribution

Sewer from three homes and School amenities at an Outback School was run through 3 small Sewer Treatment Plants to this distribution well. What was once a dust bowl is now a green, grassed play oval of approx 30 x 50 metres.

Drain Repair

No relining this time. After CCTV inspection and diagnosis small sections of drains were replaced and sewer junctions with large diameter access risers were installed as a safer alternative to using access manholes.

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Modern solutions to age old problems
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Welcome to the Home of Renopipe

The main focus of Renopipe is
  • technical services such as trenchless technology.

    This mainly involves but is not restricted to the locating and renovation of underground drains while causing the least disturbance possible to the surrounding infastructure and environment.

  • environmental services such as water and sewer recycle and purification.

    This mainly involves installation and service of sewer treatment systems and various water filter and treatment systems

As a speciality I offer:
Other specialist services I can provide include:
  • evacuated tube 'Solar Ark' hot water system installation
  • thermostatic mixing valve installation and service
  • backflow prevention device installation, maintenance and testing
  • underground services locating
  • Read about these on the spesialised plumbing service pages

Other Services Offered Time Permitting:
  • all general plumbing
  • gasfitting installation and service
  • water filtration installation and service
  • roofing and roof plumbing
  • rainwater harvesting systems
  • sewage treatment system installation and service
  • thermoplastic butt and fusion welding
  • Along with these I provide accurate and honest advice on all your plumbing problems. General Plumbing services however are not the focus of Renopipe and can only be offered as time permits or on a consultancy basis. Read about on the plumbing service pages of main menu.

Make a Booking Now

If you wish to have any of the above services or a quote please either phone or email on the contacts listed.

You can use the following buttons now or anytime, to request a quote or a service booking. Attach any relevant photos or documents along with the urgency and time slot you prefer etc.

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Now what are my customers saying ?......

Please peruse the reviews below to be assured that you have come to the right place.

If you have used Renopipe or Silver City Plumbing in the past, I thank you very much and would appreciate any feedback. If you wish to leave a review, please just fill out the form below, then click the submit button.

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Shareen Johnstone April 3, 2021
Comments: Fast, clean, affordable service, I won’t use any one else. Thank you.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
John Holcombe January 31, 2021
Comments: Andrew Gould has always been my go to plumber for jobs at Broken Hill and surounding areas. Andrew has delivered an on time and quality service on my jobs. He has done repairs and installation of water and gas and works.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Katrina Hawthorn January 31, 2021
Comments: I have a unique old home that was built 140 yrs ago and at times needed work done. When I had a plumbing issue, Silver City Plumbing was the business I'd rely on and trust to get the job done right Honest and reliable, all round good people. Can't recommend or thank them enough.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Jim Nezbit January 18, 2021
Comments: Prompt service....great job!
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Sam Hillier January 10, 2021
Comments: Highly recommend Andrew and His team, excellent service, great job and extremely prompt. Cheers Sam
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Airlie Podnar January 8, 2021
Comments: Amazing service! Replied almost instantly and had my pipes cleared within hours. Friendly, affordable service
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Sue Kalisch December 14, 2020
Comments: Silver City Plumbing are prompt and professional we can highly recommend them.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Row O'neill December 4, 2020
Comments: The blokes are friendly and very professional
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Sharyn Cakebread December 4, 2020
Comments: Thank you for sending John! Great friendly service & John explained what he was doing & why all the way through which I appreciated.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Dylan J Stone December 2, 2020
Comments: Fantastic service by Andrew! We had a leaking sink and he had it all sorted in one afternoon, low cost, great service! We will definitely have Silver City Plumbing back in the future for all of our plumbing needs!
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Dan Power December 1, 2020
Comments: Andrew and his team are highly professional, punctual and extremely knowledgeable. They are extremely friendly and happy to help no matter what the problem is. I could not recommend them highly enough.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Karen Sanderson November 13, 2020
Comments: Would definitely recommend silver city plumbing my mum is a pensioner they were there to help very prompt and reliable service thank you’s so much
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Lianne McManus November 4, 2020
Comments: It was early on a Sunday morning when I put out an SOS as all my drains were blocked and could not use any water. Silver City Plumbing were extremely responsive.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Christine Weiss November 3, 2020
Comments: Andrew has been looking after my drains for many years. The high pressure water removal of roots works and he always attends promptly.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
Jan Haughton October 22, 2020
Comments: Personally, I found Silver City Plumbing to be pleasant, reliable, honest, mindful with an excellent workmanship ethic. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would appreciate these qualities.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
John Ray October 19, 2020
Comments: An excellent job done by Andrew from Silver City Plumbing It is the best Hot water service I have ever had. Since the job has been fitted it has worked flawlessly and also has cut my power bill. Neat and Tidy Finish would recommend to my friends and family.
StarRating: ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
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