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On the Job with Plumbob ........

This blog will be an accumulation of Interesting, Informative, Technical and Humorous Plumbing facts and stories. Have a good day and hope you enjoy. :)


Tap Problems - Why do my tap washers chop out so quickly?
Are you continuously having to call a Plumber out to re-washer taps that are dripping, or worse still actually running. Maybe you even have a go at it yourself, but the result... [more]
Drain Blockages - Can tree roots get into pvc drains?
Time to take stock of the situation! Maybe your thinking..... "But I have a new built home, surely I shouldn't get tree roots in the drains. They are pvc!" or "We only... [more]
Drain Blockages - 5 signs that your drains are about to block up?
When you're madly chasing around for a plumber to clear a blocked drain on a Friday afternoon, you are no doubt thinking, that it would be helpful if you had advance... [more]
Client Portal - How good is this...?
How would you like to be able to place important documents, plans, photos, or any information directly into the hands of the person you are requesting a quote from or have... [more]
Easily request a quote or booking for your plumbing job
Renopipe has implemented a new online booking system which I am sure you will all appreciate very much. The new online Booking System will: greatly increase the promptness... [more]
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